Nkasi Wodu Aspen New Voices Fellow 2021 Nigeria flag

Nkasi Wodu

Peacebuilding Program Manager, Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta

Nigeria ยท Class of 2021

Nkasi Wodu is a lawyer who works as peacebuilding manager for the Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND), one of the largest CSR investments in West Africa and the lead facilitator of the Partners for Peace Network (P4P), a network of over 9,000 peace actors in the Niger Delta that establishes grassroots led community initiatives in order to contribute to the reduction of violence. For over five years, Nkasi has mentored hundreds of civil society organizations in designing and implementing indigenous conflict resolution approaches. He led the development of a robust early warning and early response architecture and the most comprehensive dataset on conflict risk publicly available in Nigeria.