Robert Agyarko Aspen New Voices Fellow 2021 Ghana flag

Robert Agyarko

Lead Advisor, Outbreaks and Epidemics, African Risk Capacity

Ghana · Class of 2021

Robert Agyarko started working on development issues with the Centre for the Development of People in Ghana following a year spent in the deeply rural Afram plains of Ghana, where he experienced levels of poverty, deprivation and a lack of access to adequate services. This ignited spurred hin to find ways to contribute to poverty alleviation, access to services and improvement in health outcomes in Africa. His passion for helping Africa’s poor found expression through his career including work with the World Health Organization, UNICEF, Global Fund for HIV, TB and Malaria, and the Africa Leaders Malaria Alliance. Robert focuses on development and public health, and he currently works with the African Risk Capacity (ARC) as the Lead Advisor of an Outbreaks and Epidemics project.