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Sylvie Djacbou

Forest Campaigner, Greenpeace Africa

Cameroon ยท Class of 2022

Sylvie grew up in the forest region of Cameroon. She describes a childhood living in peace and harmony with nature. Born on the international day of forests she feels uniquely connected to forests. Over the years, she witnessed the brutal impact of deforestation, land grabbing and children being killed by speeding timber trucks. She then decided to take action and speak up for the protection of the forest and its people, whose land has been stolen. She works for Greenpeace Africa, building advocacy forest campaigns within the Congo Basin and she is currently pursuing a PhD in sustainable economic growth. She hopes to gain advanced training from New Voices to learn how to better interact with the international media while advocating for better forest governance within the Congo Basin.


Published Op-Eds and News Updates:

  1. Massive Deforestation in the Congo Basin Will Lead to Poverty
  2. Tap Into Indigenous Knowledge To Preserve Our Forests