Wendo Aszed Kenya flag

Wendo Aszed

Founder and Executive Director, Dandelion Africa

Kenya · Class of 2019

Wendo is the founder and Executive Director of Dandelion Africa, a grass-roots organization based in Mogotio, Kenya, which focuses on women’s health economic empowerment. A former bank executive, she dedicated herself to the welfare of women in rural areas, after her best friend died of HIV-related disease. Along with economic and skills-training, Dandelion Africa provides health information to youths in and out of schools and is constructing a maternity clinic. Wendo is a dynamic, charismatic speaker and a beautiful writer. “I believe that we should tell our stories of triumph and not focus on the misery of life, there is so much more to us than economic poverty, because we have been to those dark places and we have seen those light places, and where we are going, is so much more than where we have been.”