1,200 global leaders just met in Jordan. This is what they discussed.

Syria, Trump, jobs and the possibility of a post-oil economy — these were among the themes writ large in a meeting that brought together 1,100 global leaders in Jordan. Here are some of the highlights from the World Economic Forum on the Middle East and North Africa 2017.

Dealing with e-extremism

Extremist groups have become increasingly adept at using the internet and social media to recruit a generation that has grown up online.

But how do you stop an online terrorist? According to Jordan’s ICT Minister, Majd Shweikeh, systems security is key. Here she is explaining why we need to stay ahead of cyber criminals:

Others take a preventative approach. Omezzine Khelifa offers young Tunisians an alternative to jihad in the form of art or music, while Suleiman Bakhit lures them away from extremist idols with a more wholesome set of role models.

Here’s how his comic-book heroes are winning hearts and minds in Jordan.

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