Changing Africa’s single story with science and technology

About this event

Join us on our quest of promoting positive attitudes in our society because we believe that together we can give Ghana a better future.
Labone is a district of Accra, Ghana bounded to the south by Labadi Road. Cantonments Road serves as the district’s western boundary, while Labadi Crescent is the eastern boundary. The Ring road separates Labone from the southern district of Osu.

As an extension of touristy Osu, Labone offers a mix of houses dating from the early 20th century. Unlike Osu, however, Labone remains largely residential albeit with the siting of some embassies and corporate headquarters in the district and also, one of the communities in Ghana with Senior High School called Labone Senior High School.

One of the most invaluable assets in today’s global economy is ‘ideas’. Forming the backbone of many a great achievement, ideas stimulate creativity and innovation. At TEDxLabone, participants will take part in a TED-like experience that will ultimately equip and inspire them into boundless possibilities.

With a community focus, TEDxLabone will convene 100 of the most innovative and creative minds from across Ghana.

Believe it or not, it took us weeks to come up with a theme. In the end, we arrived at something broad, but pertinent to TEDx event. Our theme, Inform.Educate.Empower, means that we expect each TEDxTalk (a) to be informative; (b) to educate the audience; and above all (c) to empower our audience. Quite simply, ideas empower. A good idea, properly leveraged, can have an immense effect on our future. TedxLabone “ Creating Spaces for Hope and Possibility.

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