Girls, Unleashed

The idea that investing in girls is the single most effective investment available to spur economic development and end global poverty has become a widely popular notion. And yet, what does investing in girls actually look like on the ground? What have we learned as of late about which kinds of investments for which kinds of girls in which kinds of settings have the biggest ROI? Join us for a wide-ranging conversation featuring some of the freshest and wisest voices on girls’ empowerment, both domestic and global. You will leave smarter about the cutting edge approaches to unleashing girls’ natural power and galvanized to be an even bigger part of the solution.

Irin Carmon, Moderator
Peggy Clark, Moderator
Mona Eltahawy
Farah Ramzan Golant
Rasha Jarhum
Musimbi Kanyoro
Reshma Saujani
Donna Shalala
Riya Singh
Sofia Caballero Stafford