How to Teach Tech to Girls: Advice from Ghana

"I am very passionate about working with women. Men get so many opportunities in Ghana and they take it for granted—they believe it is their right. Meanwhile, women face so many silent, unspoken, cultural barriers that restrict them." – Regina Agyare

Regina Agyare looks like any other Los Angeles professional, sitting in one of the many posh storefronts found downtown, working on a laptop. But this space is a temporary one, a “pop-up” storefront that was vacant only a few days before. And Agyare, a software developer, has come here from Ghana to share with others how she has been making a difference in girls’ education.

Agyare is one of five winners in the GOOD Global Neighborhood Challenge, all of whom were flown into to Los Angeles in late August for a week-long “pop-up” fellowship. The neighborhood challenge was one of the many “maker challenges” posed by GOOD and its affiliated Global Citizenship Project. Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, GOOD offers a platform for networking between community leaders and—as GOOD would put it—people “who give a damn.”

Agyare’s initiative, Soronko Solutions, was just the sort of project GOOD was looking for. Soronko—the Akan word for unique—creates interactive learning platforms…

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