Myshkin Ingawale: using mobiles to develop products for the bottom billion

Biosense co-founder says the internet and mobile phones could help the poorest people find solutions for their own problems

Rachael Strecher on Myshkin Ingawale

Myshkin Ingawale approaches life with perpetual delight and curiosity. It’s what helped him invent a bloodless anemia test, and other tools to turn smartphones into mobile medical labs. Now, he’s turning his brainpower to facilitating the idea that people from the developing world should be authors of their own solutions. There is no better time than now, he says, when the internet provides a breeding ground for collaboration and innovation. For Myshkin, the next big thing is about connecting the right people so that they can come up with the next big thing themselves.

Myshkin Ingawale on Biosense

Imagine if the next James Watson is growing up in a slum in Kibera, and the next Francis Crick is a rickshaw driver in Calcutta? Would they ever meet to collaborate and seed the next big thing in health since the Human Genome Project? Collaboration has been the recipe…

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