New Voices is Evolving

After 10 years showcasing the power and possibility of trail-blazing global health and development leaders from Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, the New Voices team is reimagining future possibilities. Moving forward, we will work closely with our 200+ fellowship alumni community to drive policy impact through the Aspen Global Innovators Communities First Global Collaborative.

We anticipate this transformation will result in new initiatives that will continue the mission of the New Voices Fellowship. Initial thinking includes: 

(1) a high-level policy and advocacy impact incubator program for selected Fellowship alumni, 

(2) a series of locally-designed and locally-led regional Fellowship programs starting in Africa and Latin America; 

(3) sector-specific Fellowship cohorts to advance specific advocacy goals, and; 

(4) deepened financial, operational, media and advocacy support for the more than 200 global experts who form the Aspen New Voices community.

For now, this also means we will not be recruiting a 2023 New Voices Fellowship class. We remain committed to our mission and look forward to creating the next iteration of the New Voices Fellowship to continue and grow our collective global impact. 

The New Voices Fellowship was launched in 2013 committed to the idea that experts with both lived and learned experience of global development challenges are best positioned to speak about and deliver sustainable development solutions. By amplifying the voices of these experts, helping them to develop advocacy plans and embedding them in a collaborative global community of development champions, the New Voices Fellowship has helped create a new generation of locally-rooted, globally-networked development leaders who are setting the policy agenda at local, national and international levels. The fellowship program’s next phase will continue to center local expertise and leadership in all aspects of development work.

What does this mean for New Voices Senior Fellows?

Fellows will continue to form a critical part of the Aspen Global Innovators Group (AGI) community. The AGI team will continue to offer technical and operational support to the community and will identify opportunities for Fellows to participate in global platforms and convenings. We will involve Senior Fellows in new opportunities through the AGI Communities First Global Collaborative.

AGI remains committed to the success of our fellows and alumni and to the development of a robust global community. As we navigate these transitions, our staff will be available for consultation and transparent communication. You can submit your comments, questions, and requests using this form or emailing 

What does this mean for potential partners?

We will connect and engage with funders and  partners as we develop the final design of the next phase of work. We are interested in partnering with organizations who work to advance specific policy outcomes on pressing global development issues, particularly climate, global health, sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and mental health to create sector-specific Fellowship cohorts. The New Voices Fellowship has developed a successful model that allows sector-specific leaders to grow their personal recognition and power to influence and advocate for critical policy change. We plan to adopt this model to help drive policy in key development areas.  We encourage potential partners to reach out to us to identify partnership opportunities by emailing

What does this mean for future Fellowship candidates?

Future Fellowship candidates and other stakeholders should check back on the website periodically for updates and opportunities.

What does this mean for Aspen Institute?

For over 30 years, AGI has championed leadership innovative solutions to address the world’s most pressing challenges. The Aspen Institute remains committed to the Aspen Global Innovator’s Group’s vision to build inclusive and equitable communities. AGI is well positioned to drive this work and vision bringing decades of experience in supporting bold social innovators and advocacy leaders in multiple countries and bridging gaps across power differentials, disciplines, lived experiences, geographies, and the research-to-implementation spectrum. AGI will continue catalyzing and disseminating solutions across several domains such as leadership, communications, advocacy, and narrative-shifting initiatives through our fellowship programs and public-private partnerships.