New Voices Senior Fellows Call for Equity in International Development Funding

Four New Voices Senior Fellows wrote a letter in the latest issue of Nature Medicine, calling for more transparency and equity from international development funders. Ngozi Erondu (NVF ’17), Ify Aniebo (NVF ’16), Janet Midega (NVF ’17), and Fredos Okumu (NVF ’19) joined forced with two other African researchers to critique a US$30 million grant awarded to the PATH by US government’s President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI). The money funded a consortium of seven institutions to support malaria programs in African countries, yet not one of the institutions included in the grant was African-based or African-led.

The Fellows wrote, “Global health institutions, especially funding organizations, must therefore examine their own internal policies and practices that impede progress toward justice and equality for populations that they intend to help. We write this letter as a collective, hoping to accelerate, and in some cases initiate, a process toward real fairness.”

The article was published on Wednesday, 15 April, and resulted in immediate response from PMI. Read PMI’s response here.