Nigeria’s Young Entrepreneurs

There is a crop of young people who have chosen to defy the odds and succeed in their chosen fields of endeavour in spite of the harsh economic terrain of the country and lack of opportunities and infrastructure that continue to hinder many of their peers from seeing the potential they possess within to accomplish their dreams in life.

All is not gloom and doom for Nigeria’s future. Our highlight on some of these highly skilled and innovative young Nigerian entrepreneurs, who are doing the country proud both at home and abroad, is testament to the "never say die" Nigerian spirit.

Ola Orekunrin

Ola Orekunrin is a 25-year-old medical doctor and the founder of Flying Doctors Nigeria Limited, which she set up in 2010 as the first air ambulance service provider in West Africa’s health care history.

Ola was a medical student in the United Kingdom when she lost her 12-year-old younger sister…

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