Kelo Kubu Aspen New Voices

Kelo is a senior TEDxAmbassador for Sub-Saharan Africa and holds the licenses for TEDxJohannesburg. She is the co-founder of KuMo&Co, where she offers speaker coaching to executives, entrepreneurs and experts.

She is a TED Fellow, TED Speaker, and 2018 Skoll World Forum Fellow. Kelo was co-host of TEDGlobal 2017. She is a founding member of the Mandela Poster Project, a global design initiative, and was a trustee of Orange Corners, a Dutch-inspired incubator.

Kelo holds a Degree and a post-graduate Diploma in Finance and Business Administration, both from the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa.

She is an alumnus of Singularity University, the Silicon Valley-based institution focusing on exponential technologies.

She was on a residency at TED in New York in 2018, developing an ag-tech accelerator focusing on women farmers in Southern Africa.