The doctor will see you now: 5 startups shaking up healthcare

(CNN)In sub-Saharan Africa, particularly in rural areas, accessing a health clinic isn't always as simple as it should be. Poor roads can mean a trip to the doctor could be a days-long journey. As a result, several start-ups have launched that bring medical advances directly into the home — or smartphone.

Despite the huge leaps being made in the medical field in Africa, there are still an estimated 3.2 million children living with HIV, with a majority in sub-Saharan Africa. And 90% of the world'smalaria fatalities also come from the region. But it doesn't mean that Africa is a lost cause.

Mobile technology is emerging as a powerful ally in medical innovation on the continent. As it continues to grow at an exponential rate, a vibrant mobile health — or mHealth — industry is blossoming.

Startups are emerging with one purpose in mind: to create tech solutions for healthcare professionals.

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