Youth in Africa can Innovate


  • An entrepreneur in Ghana believes young people can transform Africa through technological innovation
  • Her company is developing web and mobile-based educational tools to train young innovators
  • It also targets the disadvantaged, such as the deaf community, that social networks ignore

Nairobi — Young people in Africa can develop technologies to help tackle challenges such as poverty and disease, and increase socioeconomic development to transform the continent, says an entrepreneur.

Regina Agyare is CEO of the Ghana-based company Soronko Solutions, which works to foster innovators in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) amongst rural children by providing supplementary, interactive educational tools via web and mobile learning platforms.

Agyare is one of the twelve African experts named earlier this month (10 June) by the Aspen Institute, a US-based educational and policy studies organisation, as the first cohort of New Voices Fellows. The New Voices Fellowship aims to bring more expert voices from the developing world into global discussions about development.

Soronko Solutions aims to provide affordable technological solutions to small and medium enterprises…

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