Buhari: Youth frustration, escalating threat of Boko Haram

There were many spontaneous celebrations across Nigeria when it became clear that opposition leader General Muhammadu Buhari was the winner of Nigeria’s presidential elections. When President Goodluck Jonathan agreed to graciously relinquish the presidency, it sent a powerful signal to the world that African leaders can choose to put the interests of the people before their own.  

As we prepare for the official transition of power between these two men on May 29th, young men and women are looking for fresh solutions to the many difficulties our country faces. They are looking for prospects and hope for the future. Now is the time for Nigeria to meet the aspirations of our young people by taking careful stock of the challenges ahead, and by answering their call for a new style of leadership with policies that are inclusive and equitable.  

One of the answers youth seek is to the question of how the new government is going to deal with Boko Haram, a group that has spread fear and insecurity across Nigeria and captured the attention of the world. The group even took center stage in our recent Presidential campaigns. As the leadership of Nigeria changes, the security challenge facing Nigeria must be addressed. 

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