Driving Agricultural Innovation at the Kenyan Coast

On an extremely hot sunny day at the south Kenyan Coast, Kennedy Ngumbi, the CEO of Oyeska Greens, showcases his patch of Syngenta’s kilele F1 tomatoes and other drought tolerant crops including amaranth greens. These are the only crops that have survived drought and extremely hot temperatures at the Kenyan Coast. Other farmers from Mabafweni community whose crops have been decimated by the heat have been flocking to our farm to learn how they, too, can successfully grow these drought tolerant crops.

When my brother and I co-founded Oyeska Greens as a start-up agricultural company in 2014 to help drive agricultural innovation in the region, we had envisioned playing a role in reaching and teaching farmers. We had not, however, anticipated the full extent of the challenges farmers in our region would face as the climate continued to change.

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