Nigerian Focus Group Reveals Why Ending Gender-Based Violence is Necessary

BY Ifeanyi Nsofor and Lolo Cynthia

Every year, the global 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence begins on November 25 and ends December 10. The theme of this year’s activism is “Orange the World: Fund, Respond, Prevent, Collect!”

The 16 Days is very important this year. Data from several countries show rising cases of gender-based violence due to city lockdowns which have placed victims and oppressors in close proximity. A report by Voice of America shows that COVID-19 is increasing the incidence of gender-based violence in the U.S.; Russia; Mexico; and Malawi.

The situation in Nigeria is not different – a COVID-19 lockdown leads to an increase in sexual and gender violence, according to investigations by the Pulitzer Centre. Sadly, the United Nations documentedmore than 3600 cases of rapes during the COVID-19 lockdown in Nigeria.