Why we should amplify youth voices on society issues

By Stella Bosire

Life is about transitions. In moments of transition, just like the General Election has brought us, I find it useful to carry out exercises in hope.

I think about the things that continue to bring us hope for a better future and nothing makes me more hopeful than the vibrant and creative youth of our diverse nation. They are passionately championing issues such as climate change, governance, and sexual reproductive health rights.

Yet, according to the 2021 UN Global Report on Ageism young people reported age-related barriers in accessing employment, political participation, health, and justice which in turn affected their livelihoods and wellbeing.

Today, we celebrate World Youth Day, whose theme is Intergenerational Solidarity. It is an important moment to look around our spheres of influence and seek out the voices of the youth.

Are they mere whispers or loud voices? If you are hearing murmurs and whispers, might you be the reason why their voices are not so loud? Are you resistant to the youthful wind of change blowing your way? Do you trust the youth around you?

This op-Ed was originally posted on The Star on August 12, 2022.